Openness and Poverty: A Cross-Country Analysis (Lisa Kim, Michelle Kong, Kaitlynn Yamawaki, Ryu Yasa) 2023 Mitasai Thesis Competition Silver Medal

Analysis of BRI Impact on Bilateral Trade in Sub-Saharan African Countries (Weiyun Zhang, HeeSung Chi, Sara Ishikawa, Musashi Sasaki, and Regina Chen) 2023 JSIE Competition: Best Theme Award

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The Relationship Among Bitcoin and East Asian Stock Indexes: A VAR Analysis (Riya Fartyal, Anna Goto, Ryota Sato, Dawn Park, Ayato Arai) 

The Impact of Abenomics on the Per Capita Income and Inward FDI in Japan (Jiawei Xu, Naoki Tamanyu, Rika Yamasaki, Shun Yamamoto, Xiaogang Lin, Yo Kimura) 


The Impact of Export Control on Bilateral Trade: Using Synthetic Control Method to Evaluate Significance on Semiconductor Industry (Jun Ki Yeo, Reimy Hayashi, Sehee Jeong, Seoyeon Choi, Seungmo Sohn) 

Gravity Model Analyses of Japanese Immigration Policies and Constituent Migration Factors of Immigration Flows Into Japan Utilizing Lasso Regularization Techniques (James H. R. Quah, J. W. Yang, Koki Yano, & S. N. Yeung)