Seminar Application Information・入ゼミ試験情報・ FAQ


There is no fixed quota. Usually, approx. 10 students are accepted.

Japanese or English, both are accepted. Please submit in the language you are most comfortable in.

Those who have failed /changed the mandatory PEARL language class will have 5th period. 

This must be informed to the professor and senior students, as it will affect the lessons. 

TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GCSE, Eiken are all accepted. 

Yes. If possible, please try to include a scan/PDF of the official result. 

No, our admissions process is holistic. However, a higher GPA is beneficial.


It may be advantageous for your own understanding to have taken Econometrics or International Economics, as well as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

There is no word limit. However, the essays need to be within 4 A4 pages, and need to be written in a 11pt font.

The link will be sent via school email from the professor after the Keizemi Google Form due date. 

The interview will be conducted 1-on-1 with the professor (online via Zoom). It will be recorded, and the current senior zemi members may evaluate the contents. 

No specific attire is required. 

The results will be sent via email, the day after the interview. Any delays will be posted on SNS.

It is possible to reapply; however, this will not increase the chance of acceptance.