About Kiyota Seminar


Our seminar focusses on the intersection of international economics and data science. Put simply, we analyze issues of international economics using data analysis.

  • International Economics: The economic interaction of countries and the effect of international issues in world economic activities.
  • Business Data Science: Examine the changes in the variables, investigate the relationship between them, and identify the causal relationships.


Below are the two textbooks we reference. We also utilize R programming.

Study Methods




Learning the theory in the main seminar lessons to build a good foundation and form your own opinion.



Group discussions with seminar members and helping each other at sub-seminars.



Using theories and statistical tools to analyze specific data to support your arguments. We use R programming.

Seminar Schedule

  • Spring Semester: Wednesday 5th and 6th period
  • Fall Semester: Wednesday 4th and 5th period
  • Sub-seminar sessions are decided by students.

Workshops and in-zemis with other universities and seminars are also scheduled. 

Previous in-zemis and workshops include:

  • Hitotsubashi University (Sugita Seminar)
  • University of Tokyo (Furusawa Seminar)
  • Kyoto University (Jinji Seminar)
  • Keio University (Kimura Seminar and Sasahara Seminar)

This year (2023) inzemi schedule:

  • Jinji Seminar
  • Sugita Seminar and Furusawa Seminar
  • Sasahara Seminar